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Our program is a multi-age that includes children at each different age. Children experience an academically enriched environment within a well-ordered social community. A special characteristic of our program is that the classroom encompasses the areas of learning and socializing, and to foster independence, concentration, self-motivation and a love of learning. The Children are free to choose activities appropriate to their level and progress and develop at their own pace.

Our curriculum consists of the following areas:
Practical Life
The exercises of Practical life are those activities that help the child acquire independence, concentration, coordination of movement and grace and courtesy. Activities such as cooking, pouring, sweeping and buttoning which promotes care of one’s self, care of environment and social relations.
Sensorial education is central to the Montessori Method. In all areas of the curriculum, the child learns concepts through a multi-sensory approach. Activities dealing with shape, size, color, weight, sound, etc., which promote further development of the senses.
In a Montessori class, math is first presented to the child in concrete form. Perception of similarities and differences, functioning of the decimal system and the four mathematical operations are taught using concrete math materials. The vocabulary and symbols are introduced as the child is ready for them at each stage of learning. Memorization of facts is done by manipulation of materials rather than by rote learning. As the child begins to understand a mathematical concept, he discards the materials and moves into abstract work.
Continents are introduced to the child. They are able to explore the different countries with the use of puzzle maps and books that discuss different cultures and diversity. International snacks are also available for the children to experience.
Language is crucial in a Montessori classroom. Story time and word games enhance the child’s language experience. Through a variety of concrete materials, such as sandpaper letters, objects, and the moveable alphabet, phonics is being introduced to the child.
Activities include nature related lessons such as living and non-living, parts of a tree, weather, botany, zoology and the solar system.
We introduce famous artists and paintings to let the children explore their creativity.

Physical Education  
The Physical Education program gives children the opportunity to learn cooperative games and basic sports in a fun and interactive atmosphere. The Physical Education teaches by a professional Gym teacher.

Foreign language 
We offer Chinese lesson in our after school program and teach by an experienced and professional Chinese teacher.